xr's only exhaust

got a chance to pick up a XR's Only slip on exhaust with all the discs. I can buy it for 1/3rd the price of new and in really nice condition from the pics he sent me. It is the stainless steel addition and has the power tip 12 disc system.

Anybody have one of these? how do they sound? any power difference?

I don't have one but I can tell you a little bit about the characteristics that it may have. I have a similar styled disks system muffer, a White Bros. ProMeg. They can be tuned for however you want your power and sound. A little more low end or more freeflowing with more mid-top. There is also a "Powertip" that you can get for it that directs the flow out of the disks even faster for a claimed 1.5 horsepower difference. It is a coned backplate that installs at the end of the disc pack. They may make a open style exit endcap to convert it to the traditional style also but I can't remember off hand. The disks can sound a bit different and possibly louder to the rider at times than a regular rear exit hole as the exhaust gases and sound are exiting in a radial pattern. This can be compensated with using less disks if needed. The discs are supposed to cause a radial diffusion that creates a suction from the the inner pipe. I believe the XRs Only pipe of this style also has the Reverse Megaphone which creates another type of diffusion/suction from the system. What these two types of diffusers are supposed to offer in the system when they are applied together is a broader power spread that is also more easily tunable to your particular motor & mods and your particular liking. The disks act as a spark arrestor. Note: Some of the great or better performing exhaust mufflers use a reverse megaphone type pipe leading into the muffler body. You will notice these by the coned/flared pipe leading to the muffler. Inside, it tapers back down right at the inlet to the muffler. On the Pro Circuit, you can actually see the taper from the outside, right at the muffler.

i have the xr's only exhaust with the tip in the pic in my garage and it really makes a big difference. i love the way it sounds a true thumper sound.

i haven't tried a tip with disc's but if you get the pipe for a good price you could change to the power tip if you don't like the disc's:ride:

id replace the discs with the open tip. that suposed 1.5 hp is not a myth. i have the full header, tail racing exhaust and man is it nice.

Sorry, I made a boo,boo. You did say it had the 'powertip' in the system and I went on explaining about how you can get the tip, :applause: .

Hey guys, you got me kind of confused with a couple things that were said:

"if you get the pipe for a good price you could change to the power tip if you don't like the disc's." :ride:

And: "id replace the discs with the open tip. that suposed 1.5 hp is not a myth."

The Powertip is meant to use with the disks. It is the coned tipped backplate. The cone faces inward within the disks instead of just a flat backplate. The powertip is not the traditional open style exit tip. :ride: The 1.5 horsepower comes from the coned backplate, (powertip) added to the disks instead of using the flat version. :ride:

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