boyesen shokout grip system

the old Flex Grip'll be surprised at the difference,in a good way! the only drawback is when it comes time for new grips,you'll have to purchase two sets because of the throttle tube diameter of the Flex Grip.It will help with a nagging wrist injury.Good luck.


Is there a benefit without a wrist injury? Thinking about getting them myself.

I love it, it cuts back on arm pump in the spring. I first got one after a wrist injury, now I am in love with it.

Will they work with any brand grips, or do they have to be refitted with the Scott's?

(and if I'm understanding, they require throttle grips on both sides, correct?)

Yes,any grips will work,but 2 sets because of the diameter.Small price to pay for the benefits IMO.

How exactly do they work?

It is like a throttle tube with a housing on the end. Inside the housing are little rubber dampers that cusion the movement of the grip. You can adjust how stiff it is with different dampers. You can make it stiff one way and soft the other. At the stiffest setting the grip doesn't really move at all unless you hit hard off of a jump. I like mine set up soft so it moves quite a bit when heading through whoops, easier on your hands that way.

i'm gonna order some next weekso i'll give you all a report

Will they work with Bark Busters?

You can cut the end just like the throttle for use with the bark busters. Also the guys at spider grips said they will sell two throttle grips for the same price. Pretty good grips too, or you can order the scotts from Boyesen.

I'll admit that I'm a little confused by the Boyesen page that's linked...from the pic of the product, it appears that this 'special' grip sleeve is only for the clutch side, and the throttle side is the regular I missing something?

It is only for the clutch side since the throttle side already twists. The twisting motion is what makes it easier on your hands.

The twisting motion is what makes it easier on your hands.

I thought it was the cushioning effect that relieved the vibration. I'm not sure both grips being able to twist would feel particularly safe.

Really. I had no idea that they were rotational...glad you posted that KJ, that sheds a whole new light on it.

I thought it was the cushioning effect that relieved the vibration. I'm not sure both grips being able to twist would feel particularly safe.

I agree that the idea of the clutch side twisting seems unsafe, but it does not twist enough for you to notice while riding. I notice it most on rough sand tracks it just feels like my left wrist is not being hammered as hard with it.

Sometimes I don't feel like reglueing my clutch side grip and just ride with it spinning. Doesn't really bother me.

best thing money can buy

the Flex Grip doesn't rotate,it moves maybe a couple of MM's at most fore and aft giving just enough to alleviate wrist will not notice the movement while riding but will notice the benefits after a days riding.Do not worry about the movement....

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      All stabilizers are in correct working order
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      >Easy 2 bolt mounting
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      >Works as advertised
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      >A bit pricier than GPR yet still very reasonable.
      (The YZ's a little dirty after yesterdays ride:busted:)

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      >Scotts can be mounted under bars as a sub mount kit for saftey
      >Scotts can be mounted on the front fender, this is called a low mount kit, (like the WER)
      >Scotts can be mounted backwards to fit under stock crossbars
      >GPR sells a V2 Kit which mounts under the bars and is part of the bar mounts, so it can not be mounted on top of the bars.
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      >WER only mounts on the fender, no other option
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      All Credit goes to MX813 for this review on the EMIG Racing Stabilizer: