Here is the new fork setup. Now I just need to get fork protectors.



Sweet bike!

What are the UPSD forks from?


1999 CR250r and I used a Emig stem conversion.

Did the emig parts make for as easy a conversion as advertised?

Did the emig parts make for as easy a conversion as advertised?

After pressing the stem into lower (2000 CR125) and using the bushing for the top, it went together just as easy as pie. I decided to use the Emig stem and bushing since calling around to local machine shops and getting nowhere. They must be real busy, nobody wanted my business.

Your bike looks great!!! i like the clean look to it :ride: i used the emig stem on mine too, went together as easy as a factory setup. still waiting on a front wheel for mine to finish the whole conversion, cant wait to try it out.

Looks sweet, :ride:

:ride: :ride:

looking goooood!

tomb1957 , Looks sweet. I love mine. Hopefully you like them as much as i do. I think the trail riding capability's were really in hanced with the plushness.

:ride: Man, looks like I messed up the right fork seal when I replaced it. It's leaking just a tad just sitting. So I went and got OEM seals from Honda. Tomorrow's project.

Replaced the seal, everything is cool now. Gonna take it out next weekend. (The bike I mean.)

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