I installed an LED rear 1157 bulb and LED turn signals in my E-line D/S kit, and they do not work. Is there some type of electrical piece that needs to go in before the LED lights for voltage purposes? What is it exactly and where do you get them. I know this has been hashed, just could not find what this item is called….. Thanks in advance…..:ride:

you might need to get a led compatable turnsignal relay flasher.. you shouldn't have any problems with the tail light since a led required less voltage

You need a resistor to get your signals to work if your not running them inline with other signal bulbs (the bulbs act as a resistor) check Western Power Sports. Sold in pairs they are about $20. That should do the trick. It may be that you will need the flasher unit as well, but I'm not sure. The regular flasher is mechanical and without the resistance of the bulb it does not work. As for me I ran my LED's on my bark busters in line with flush mount signals mounted to the cowling. Hope this helps.

My taillight burnt out on a baja designs ds kit so, I called em up

and asked about a bulb and the tech said "dont bother,its just gonna

keep burnin out". So I put on the theyre, Led tailpiece. Traded the rear

blinkers for flush Led's also. Didnt have do anything other than plug em in.

Supposedly the Led's work on AC or DC.:ride: --02 xr650r


Supposedly the Led's work on AC or DC.

Maybe some do, sometimes, but in general LED's expect to see a DC power source. hill, did your DS kit come with a regulator, or a regulator/rectifier?

Not sure if there is a rectifier in there or not. The brains for the unit are all encased in a unit up front by the front headlight.

Do the basics... make sure the ground is good, and you see +12VDC on the running light contact and brake contact. If so, and still no lightie, make sure the contacts are clean and that the bulb aligns correctly to make contact, and that the little spring is springy enough to force contact. No extra devices are needed for the 1157 LED bulb, self contained.

RE: LED turnsignals, the advice above on the flasher is good. Resistors, or an LED-compatible flasher.

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