Battery Alternative

I need a new battery for my 05 WR450, but is their a less expensive alternative that exists out there?

I can't remember exactly who but it was either Rocky Mountain, Dennis Kirk or Chaparel that had a different brand for considerably less than the factory one.


I thought I read once that Auto Zone carries a battery that is compatible for our bikes at much cheaper price. Might want to search this site or call autozone.

I love you guys. I almost bought one for $70 a minute ago. Thanks.

No problem. I need to get one for mine as well. I wish they were able to use a big enough battery that would last longer.


just got off the phone with a battry gurou he says he can supply the cbt

but does not recomend it in this applaction as its cold cranking or ability to produce is half the ytz witch we all know has a hard enough time starting a 450, i am going with the ytz you get what you pay for.

Well put marty!! If the batt is properly maintained it should last 4-5 years.

From what I've read on this forum lately about the short lifed starters it might be good to kick her over manually when its cold and use e-start spareingly......just to preserve life of the starter and the battery.

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