help with taffy apj mod!

Does any one have any pics on the taffy mod. I would really like to give it a try because it sounds like it will solve my bogging problems I'm just not totally sure where the block connector goes or what a block connector looks like. Also how do you time the fuel squirt. Please excuse my ignorance on this subject but I'm just taking the carb off for the first time and not really sure how the thing works. Thanks for the help.

Someone please answer this, I was just getting ready to ask the same question!

I have some pics on the taffy mod.I not sure how to get them on this site yet but will try. please bear with me .if you are desperate i can e-mail pics

Theres anothe thread that describes this thing...

taffy apj mod

also its so easy...

block connecter ; a connector for two pices of elcetrical wire as you would use when installing a new ceiling light or....

You have to strip a connector so you end up with ONE little cylinder with two screws in it.

The APJ pump has a rod. This cylinder fits around the long arm of the rod and acts as a stopper on the apj housing.

NOTE : I think this works for 98 and 99 only. 2001-2002 do not have the same structure to the apj mechanism. For 00,01,02 models you have to do the BK mod or KL mod. (Do a search)


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Will the rubber bootie fit back overtop of the connector? The only ones I've seen have a 3/8inch outside diameter.. too big to fit under the boot thing.

:) You can get a little iddy biddy one, If ness go to 12v connectors if you don't think that a 240v 3amp is small enough, I got my boot back over a 20A connector, use feeler gauges to set the gap, I think Taff in the "jetting Q's" thread gives an approx time duration to gap setting! :D

Hey andy if you have a pic you can email me Can you tell me where you can buy a block connector I've been to a couple of hardware stores and nobody has any idea what i am talking about. Thanks

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