'03 450 shifter sticking DOWN. HELPZ0RS!

hey guys, i have an '03 yz450f with very low hours. i have a few sumo practice days on it, and it seems that when i downshift the shifter sticks down. its not the lever either, its the entire shaft. this makes it very dangerous for sumo use as u cant slow down into corners. any ideas? i have to get this fixed as the new season is starting very soon. thanks for all the help guys.


This sounds like the shift shaft is binding in the case. It may be bent, or the centering spring may be weak or broken. Repair the problem by removing the clutch and then pulling the shaft out, figure out what's wrong, fix it if possible, replace it if not.

If it's bent badly enough, it may not want to come out. In that case, you have 3 options that occur to me.

> Cut the shaft off as near flush with the left crankcase as possible

> Cut the right nd of the shaft off by cutting away the weld and push it out the wrong way.

> Heat and straighten the shaft (carefully)

many thanks. ill do just that.


Sorry to go off topic here...but what the heck is 'sumo practice'?


seen this happen to buddy at supermoto, only his would then snapp back up with a horrible metal grinding sound...he ended up replace shifting barre andl all the dogs etc....was alot of £££

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