How about a new winter-time hobby to take your mind off "not riding"?

Winters in Utah get awful depressing when there's too much snow to ride and it's too expensive to snowboard. However, things became much more interesting when I bought an electric powered styrofoam wing called a ZAGI! These things are awesome. Basically a remote controlled acrobatic wing that really hauls and is meant for beginners. It comes as a kit (400X from or can be found cheaper on Ebay) and takes about 4 hours to assemble. I paid $115 for the plane kit (with battery and receiver) and $70 for the remote control. The range on these crazy things is almost out of sight with a top speed of around 45 mph. They act like fighter jets and since they are built out of foam, you can crash them many, many, many, many, times (I can testify) and with a little tlc will fly again the next day! You need a large field (with no trees), a 1/2 hour lunch break and a buddy to fetch your plane when you crash it at the other end of the field and your winter-time blues will melt away. I've never laughed so hard in my life as when I was learning to fly this thing! Enjoy.


That sounds fun. My brother used to fly gas powered planes. How long will it fly on one battery charge???

BTW, don't have that problem here in ABQ. Riding was fantastic today. It snowed a bit earlier this week (<1") so the dirt was damp and hook'in up really great.

Don't mean to gloat but we never have to worry about snow. I'm goin tomorrow at 6 am. The only problem here is you have to have a set of gills out here in Western WA it rains so much.

Hey Lil Bill,

People really get up at 6am? (Scratching bald head) I'll be lucky to get out rid'in by noon. You sound like my road trip buddy. He rags me every trip to get my skinny %&@ out'a bed and hit the road.

The battery is an 8 cell unit and takes about 45 minutes to charge. On full power it will fly 10 minutes, on 3/4 maybe 14. The ideal setup is to have 3 batteries.

Winter time hobbies....I confirmed that I need one..took a trip out on my mountain bike and in 5 minutes was zipping about in the ice here. It has been below freezing (well below) for the past 3-4 weeks so the ground is like concrete and well....its just not that fun riding when all of a sudden you are on your ass without any warning so....I will be stripping my bike for a major overhaul ready to rip it up in Spring.

Radio control planes....I hear ya....I'm in the process of building a 3 wing (triplane???) version of the Baron Von Richtohofens WW1 (The plane Snoopy flies!!!). Its about 3 feet long and 3 wide with a gazillion pieces that all need sanding and gluing and algining and.. well you get the picture. Gasoline engine is already installed - about half way through so far I reckon.

I too started out with an elctric plane, a glider. After a few of my own 'dumps' I loaned it to a friend.....after we had had a good couple bottles of wine. As I observed him about to crash the thing I snatched the controls...WHAMM. Expensive. I can vouch for the fun though..even though he had creamed my plane we laughed like drains for a loooong time!!

However what wouldnt I give for a quick roost!!

You could go Wakeboarding like I did yesterday!! Sorry that was a low blow!!! I just had to.

If it makes you feel better my friends new Mastercraft over heated and we had to go back in. Plus the water was freezing.(good thing the boat broke down huh?)

If it were snowing outside here I think I would get a 12pack of something good, light a fire and watch some football (soccer) and marinate my liver...

Yep, Sorry Missile. We have to endure an 80* cold snap here in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia..

Oh! Wait Dan L. already I mean mentioned it! :)


Hey Missile,

Since you're a R/C pilot, thought you might like this one. Brother crashed his Kaos nose dive into the paved runway. It actually took a chunk out of the runway but the engine survived. The plane however didn't. Those little gas powered engines are pretty tough.

Next best thing to riding for real>>>>>>>>MotocrossMadness2 :):D:D

For your PC , it rocks!!

Take Care, John


As I said before.... KALIFORNICATION :)


As I said before.... KALIFORNICATION YOU :)

PS The wonders of modern aviation....woke up, showered, shaved, crept out of the house, got on a plane, flew to Frakfurt,drove an hour, met with some germans, drove about an hour, got on a plane, landed in geneva, drove home, had dinner with the kids, read them a story, surfed the internet oh yeah thats now and its 20:05.

Now that surely beats roosting !

PPS Did I happen to mention I'm dog tired.....

Winter is the best time to ride in Australia.

Summer is too hot 30-40c (i use to get up at 4am to ride at 5am, be back home at 9am when its HOT then spend the rest of the day at the beach).

Winter is the best! Cool temps 10-20c mean tight single tracks then when you work up a sweat hit the fire trails til the next single track.

I have not ridden in the bush for 4 weeks & am going crazy. We are thinking about a night ride through some trails we know well (that should be fun when i get my headlight smashed again)

Originally posted by Pete Z:

I actually feel sorry for all you boys down south - you don't know what you're missing!

Oh yeah I do. I wouldn't live in that kinda weather AGAIN. I do have some very fond memories of the snow in Wisconsin where I grew up.

One thing about here in New Mexico. Get all four seasons with mild winters.

Well it was 15 degrees below zero this morning when I woke up and we had recieved another 10 cm. of snow overnight. I looked out the window as the sun was just coming up over the (frozen) lake and it really was quite nice and peaceful with the light dusting of snow freshening everything up. I ride snowmobiles, but this winter has been slow to start around here, and I can tell ya it has been driving me nuts not being able to ride anything! That being said, I wouldn't trade my weather for California weather, even if it did mean year-round riding. I love the change of seasons, winter sports and the cold weather. I honestly don't think I could handle 20-30 degree days all year, and I can't imagine Christmas without snow. It does cost a bit more to live (heat,snow removal, vodka etc.), but it's worth it.I actually feel sorry for all you boys down south - you don't know what you're missing!

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