Best Pipe for an 2007 Xr650L

Im going 2 buy a Honda Xr650L next week and I was wondering what is the best pipe/full exhaust kit 2 put on there. Yes I know I have to wait 600miles just to put a new pipe on there. I was thinking about going Carbon Fiber but I really dont want to pay that much a pipe.

XR's only stainless full sytem. Try the search feature for more info.

XR's only stainless full sytem. Try the search feature for more info.

I'll second that;Had mine now for two seasons and love it. For something real nice try there mikuni flat slide carb.

XR's only systems are back ordered till june, I went with FMF and couldn't be happier.

get the xrs only full stainless system, even if you have to wait a couple months, their worth the wait :ride:

Goblin and Cantregister, what did the Mikuni carb and FMF pipe do for you power wise? Was the pipe the Q or quiet pipe.? how abou the cost for the pipe and the carb, can youu help with this?



Ive got a White Brothers E2 on my 02 model. I really like it. Its fairly quiet with the spark arrestor in but its easily removable with one bolt for some more noise.

i put a big gun slip on my 07 650l and a dynojet kit. quicker throttle response and feels like a good bit more power. i can only imagine a big gun full system would mean even better results.

I paid $610 for a power bomb header and Q2 muffler, I don't know how much power gain I got from them because I did some other mods at the same time. I can tell you that this exhaust along with a high comp. piston makes a huge difference.

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