oil tank from 250 on 450?

haven't installed it yet. wouldn't you know it's gonna be a hassle. i think it's best to run it on the left side - away from the exhaust header. what's gonna be the prob for me is that my radiator catch can is in the way. The catch can is mounted with a custom fabricated bracket I made that took several hours to do. Gonna have to star6t from scratch and make a whole new one.

what i'm gonna do first though is get the new radiators and oil cooler on and see just how much of an improvement that makes. MAYBE i won't need the fan.

123 - i'll post some pics as i install. maybe this weekend i'll get it done. need to spray the radiators with some black thermal dispersant paint, then bake them at 300 degrees for an hour before i mount them.

Swat, does baking thermal paint cause it to adhere better, almost like powder coat?

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