Air Fuel Screw washer question

Hi WR guru's,

I am wondering if you were missing the washer, not the spring or o-ring, what would be your likely symptom (s) ?

Thanks for you help

Complete Engine Failure, If I where you I wouldnt even start it...........

Good to see some of the old guard is still around. Any idea what happend to the rest? My guess is they either quit riding or went Orange.

No one has any idea? I have lost the entire fuel screw once, and my bike wouldn't idle at all. I guess what I am getting at, is,

do you think not having the washer could be causing a too lean condition, in turn, causing hard starting? This is assuming your Carb is clean and your Valves are in spec.

Give me something guys !!!!!

Nice to hear from you Team Oatmeal :ride:

I don't think it does much more than just keeping the spring off of the Oring.

I believe that the washer protects the oring from being damaged when the fuel screw is turned.

I think it could be rich or lean. without the washer the spring can cut the o-ring and push it to the side or push it into the hole and block it. Call sudco , you can order the washer and o-ring from them. Yamaha makes you buy the whole fuel screw assembly to get what you need. I ordered 5 of each after I searched my garage for an hour one night.

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