'04 or '05 WR?

I'm riding an '03 YZ450 right now but find myself constantly looking for another gear in the desert. I'm going to check out an '04 and an '05 WR 450 this weekend. Were there any major changes made between these 2 years. Anything to look out for on either model? Are they more or less equally dependable?

I have the 05 and if I recall, the changes were not too significant...a few pounds lighter, 11mm shorter, etc. I think the 04 was not able to Green Sticker in California. Otherwise, price ought to be the determiner.

The 05 was made more YZ like, lower center of gravity, better suspension new head!!! better handling, new exhaust. Its a much improved motorcycle.

I am looking too. One of the differences is fuel capacity. The '04 gives you 1/2 gallon more fuel for those long rides. The '05 is definately shorter for those of us that are vertically challenged. After riding a few of both I came to realize that each bike regardless of year felt different depending on how they were set-up and modded.

One recommendation is test ride until you find the one that feels right. On the other hand you could probably buy any of them and set them up according to your preferences.-----Just my thoughts

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