Adjustable needle

Does anyone Know the part # for the adjustable needle that comes in

the GYTR ais kit. are the 06/07 jets & needle the same . Im gonna

make a kit for my new 07 450, cant find one yet.

Thanks, Keith

Just get the 07 YZ needle.

It may not be the same one, but it WILL be an improvement over the stock POS needle and it'll have multiple clip positions too. Bear in mind that once you put that sucker in their it will no longer be legal on public trails because it is a closed course modifcation :ride:

Like anybody listens to the EPA anyways :ride: :ride:

Try a kit from JD can order from TT if you'd like.

I installed the kit this week, and it works fantastic.

2007 WR450F

Dr. D full system w/quiet core

JD Jetting / Scotts Brass fuel screw

AIS Removed

Gray wire unplugged

Air Box Mod


OBDTR and the 4th clip position. #50 Slow jet. #45 Leak jet. #110 ain air jet.

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