Proof is in the Pictures XR650R vs. KTM450MXC HA!!

After recently switching from KTM to an XR650R, I am kicking A$$ and taking names on the trail. I have owned about 7 KTM's in the last 10 years (2-strokes, 4-strokes and even an LC4). I loved almost all of them. However, I really feel at home with my XR650R.. I feel faster and more confident. The geometery feels better than my last KTM (04 EXC450) and the power unreal. Granted KTM makes a fine product but after extensively modifying my pig it is GREAT.. Again using the right mods.

Anyhow.. The pics.. As you can see I am clearly at the top of the mountain ahead of my buddies 05 KTM 450EXC which he swears by. OK my bike pulled up without a problem.. He.. well had problems. This was consistant on all the hill climbs.. We are evenly matched riders on the KTM's but I feel I pulled away a little with the Honda.. I only hope he does not read this. He gets me in the Whoops.. but only in the whoops. AND NOW I ADDED the BD Estart so no advantage there..

Welcome to the world of the BRP, (Big Red Pig), the XR650R. Isn't the power great? :ride: Those pics look like you could be at Stonyford in northern Cal..

How did you get down again ?

Glad to hear about your new ride, Great choice. :ride:

Nice pics, :ride:


How did you get down again ?

How do we get down?? WE RIDE BROTHER!!!!:ride: :ride:

Really, going down has never been an issue but getting up those hills well all I can sey is :ride: to the XR650%

I agree, nothing beats a 650r when climbing hills. I have a 06 525 and a 00 650R and the difference on the hills is amazing.

welcome to the Dark Side,my son

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