Help, over my head

I blew up my BRP about a year ago. Broke the timing chain and bent a valve.

Al Bakers XR'x only did the valve job, new valves springs and seats. New piston, rings, timing chain, guides and tensioner, HRC Cam, Stainless exhaust and head pipe. Started on the third kick. Run's pretty good for not being dialed in. Problem , runs about two minutes and blows the rubber cam cap off like a champagne cork and spew oil everywhere. Tore it back down looked at everything , still scratching my head. Ideas where I screwed up ???????

What rubber cap? The cover for the cam gear?? Or did they put a cap on the top breather for transporting??

The rubber cam cap sandwhiched between the cyl head and the valve cover.

Pressurizing the crank. Check the breather!

The breather tube is at the top of the valve cover and runs up to the top of the oil res. in the frame. How do you pressurize the system ? Maybe through the oil filter passage ?

PS> this thing is building up quite a bit of hyd. pressure to pop the cam cover. I checked the return passage way in the valve cover, it's clear. I then thought that I maybe had put the cam bearings in backwards, the manual shows the rubber shield faces to the outside of the outside bearing, the orientation is correct

Make sure your crankcase breather isn't clogged or plugged.


my understanding....which may be this. The outer cam bearing seal faces out. This creates a seal so oil pressure forces the oil through the cam. Is it possible that you have a defective cam that isn't allowing for oil to flow from the end through the loabs??? I took my Hot Cam and blew through the end to ensure no obstructions....air past freely from the end to the tiny holes on the cam lobes....let us know what you find and good luck.

Ok, Ok. Got home from work today, looked at the old camshaft, looked at the new camshaft. All the oiling holes in the new camshaft had what looked like plastic plugs in them. Popped them out with a pick , flushed with solvent. Wala, oil flow. I feel like a dunce, thanks for the advice. I was dying to ride the pig this weekend, I just bought a 07 XR650L, (Nice Bike and street legal) but it aint the pig. Thanks again for showing me the trees in the forest.

I love a story with a happy ending! :ride: :ride:

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