Which wheels will fit XR650R?

I'm looking for a second set of wheels for my pig. Original Pig wheels are very hard to find. Anyone tried XR600/CR/KTM/CBR600/... wheels and can describe the effort needed to make them fit?


Am I the only one going for a dual sport version with a dual set of wheels? Or does everyone else just buy a complete set of original wheels?


From what I've seen the XR650R will only use stock wheels or bike specific aftermarket :ride: . Nothing swaps without mods. I'd look at Supermotojunkie for the CBR wheels if you want all street. This require machining and by the time it's done does not seem to be cheaper unless you are a machinist. Try the search option for more info :ride:

Just keep looking it will take a little while I've bought a couple of used sets. You'll find them sooner or later. Check craigslist also. Oh man I just noticed you're in the Netherlands. You probably don't want to pay shipping from here.

I'm not afraid of adding spacers or creating new brake disks, but machining does not sound like fun. A lot of info on supermotojunkie.com!

But what's the difference with the CR wheels and the XR wheels? KTM used the same wheels across all types in those days.


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