Supercross results... Vuillemen wins again.


I'm like Doug! I was waiting for it to come on tv so its more exciting.

That's ok Dan. I'll let it slide this time! :)

Sorry my "show me" friend!!! Next time I wont post it I'll just link it. :)

It appears from his showing so far this season that Magrath is loosing it. There is alway some kid on a practice track somewhere just waiting to take his place....Might not be long off....

Bonzai :)

Its alright Dan. I was just razzing you a little. :D

Mabye someday tv exec's will figure out what a popular sport SX and MX is turning into and mabye they will start airing them all the day after or the day of the race. It already looks like its heading in that direction. :)

Then we wont have to worry about hearing about it before you see it!


I'm not on much anymore because of a dial up connection that sucks but a while back you were talking with others about doing a high desert ride. Has there been any more discussion on this? Did I miss it? I'm slammed with weekend stuff but hopefully mid Feb. I'll open up again. Great thing is I have Fri. Sat. Sun. off every weekend so I could pull a long 3 day ride when ever. Keep me in mind if you do a group run in your area or ever want to ride in the lower desert, like Ocotillo Wells, Glamis, or Superstition. Please email me if something comes up.


BTW I'll try to check a reply to this in a day or two.

Khris, Im up for Sunday. What do you think?

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