Wr intake and exhaust cam?

Just wondering if the cams out of a 2006 yfz 450 (quad) are the same as a 2006 yz 450 (bike), and whether or not they will work in my 2006 wr 450, also which one i need to change to make the motor more like the yz.

try checking part #'s on RonAyers, or use their "where fits" tool...we know that yz cams will swap to wr, so if the part #'s for the quad match either, then you're all set...just remember to time it correctly with the cams that match

The 06 yfz cams will work on your WR but I think the 06 YZ cams may be different because its a different engine design. If you're looking for more performance, the 05 YZ cams will work with your 06 WR. The Yfz cams give you less performance


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