2002 YZ426 Frame Guard options?

Anyone have any inexpensive ones. The Works Connection ones are very nice, but $$$$.

What is everyone using?


Hey Brian..I run carbon fiber gaurds from light speed. They were inexpensive, lightweight and still look like new.

Acerbis makes some nice plastic ones for like $35.

hey xno.... I know I had issues with a kick stand mount, like the kind we were talking about, on some frame guards. Might ask the seller to make sure.


I need to contact Acerbis/UFO/other frame guard manufactures as well as Trail Tech or whoever i get my kickstand from.

Yeah, lots of guestions still in my head still on what i want/need to get.

I have the Works Connections. They are well worth the money!

I may actually have an extra set of WC guards that I'll sell you cheap if you want. I'll have to check though. PM me if you want.

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