front shocks

I've noticed something in my front shocks and I'm not sure if its new or normal. When I compress the shocks by rolling it forward and pulling in the front brake, it feels like there is some slight resistence at first. It's subtle and there is no leaks. I ride in the sand a lot and I don't want to damage anything. Is it fairly straight forward cleaning and rebuilding them? How can I check to see if there is anything wrong with them?

Pull the dust cover down and take some old camera negative film and slide it up under the seal. You may find that the sand dust is forming a crust in the seals. The film slides in under the seal and you should be able to clean out any unwanted snad.


The forks may be in a bind. This can happen when you crash or drop the bike. Put the bike on a stand and loosen the pinch bolts on the lower clamp. Now, spin the tire and then grab the front brake hard, do this several times. Now retighten the pinch bolts to the proper torque settings and you should be good to go. If the forks are not in perfect alignment it will cause the binding feeling you are experiencing. You can also loosen the bolts while the bike is on a side stand, then grab the front brake and pump the front end a few times, then re-torque the bolts. Either way works well, I just prefer the second method.

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