topend Ticking on a 06 650R

I have a neigbor that is having an inermittent knock,click or tapping from what sounds like the top end , and no it's not loose valve because is only happens about 10 times in about 5 min , it sounds like if the bike was off and in neutral and you shifted in to 1st gear , it only does this after it warms up and at idle only, I supect the automatic decompression system, just wondering if any else has had this problem

The decompression cable hanging up can cause this. There has been a time or two when the end of the lower cable is pulled from the decompression arm housing at the motor. It keeps the arm slightly engaged and subsequently the system itself, which causes this ticking. Push the arm down and make sure the cable end is seated all the way in. Then make sure the cable is not getting hung up anywhere along it's route.

At least this is one of the first things to check.

Make sure your manual decomp is in adjustment, there should be no more than 8mm of play at the end of the manual decomp lever.

If that doesn't fix it, its your auto decomp. Mine made a ticking for YEARS, and I finally bought a hotcam stg 1, angst the auto decomp, and no more ticking. The ol brp never sounded so good...

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