wheres the Grey wire

I just got my 2007 WR-450,took care of the throtle stop and took the inner baffle out off silencer. now ive got the tank and seat off looking for this grey wire that needs to be disconected guys at work said it ran under the tank and on the right side of frame,(2005-2006)? Im not seeing it,im sure this has been covered before on the threads but i havent been able to find anything specific on this,I just signed on to this fourm 5 mins ago so im new,any help or other mod suggestions would be great,thanks in advance


Behind left side number plate, with all of the other wiring...the gray wire is in the upper 6 wire conector.

Someone posted a picture of it before, you could probably search and find it, but you don't need to. Searching sucks.


the owner of the shop by me says that there is no grey wire mod for the 07 wr 450 whats up with that

Generally this forum is only beaten for knowlege on the bike by the bloke that designed the bike. Trust this forum before your dealer i say.


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