wr450 or 450x?

hey guys, i have an 03 xr250r and an 01 yz426f and i have been thinking of selling or trading them in towards a new 450x or a wr450. i was wondering if anybody here has ridden both (06 or 07 models) and had any advice.

If you are looking for something with great suspension go with the wr450.

If the past is any indication of the future, the WR will require much less maintenance and run many times longer, whereas a neglected Honda may be a ultra-fun screamer until the engine grenades.

we're all fans of the WR around this forum.

I agree on what's mentioned above!! I would get an 07' blue bike, comes with Protapers, wave discs front and rear, wide footpegs, super reliable engine, and a few hundred $$$$ less than the red bike!!!! blue is my option!! :ride:


I have an 02 WR426 and in the last year rode 800 miles in Baja on a 450X. The X is a very sweet bike and I can't think of anything that I did not like about it. However, It wasn't sweet enough to pull me away from the WR aka the Ditch Bitch. (it doesn't go anywhere w/out digging a ditch)

The X hasn't changed much (at all?) since it was released & has a rep as a solid trail bike. The 07WR is a brand new bike that has gotten great reveiws as a great handling race weapon. Ride them both & make up your own mind.

So what's the difference between them in terms of required maintenance...like valve adjustments and piston replacement?

FYI, I copied this thread over to the CRF450X forum for more input...SC

I have an '05 WR450 and two of my buddies have '05 CRF450Xs. I think they are both awesome bikes. The X's seem to ride more like a Cadillac than the WR does and handle a little bit better in the tight turns (tight trails thru tall bushes), but the WR's engine seems to have a bit more snap. Both their bikes and mine are well maintained and have all been pretty worry free with the exception of one of th X's having a valve that slipped past the inspector while he was opening his twinkie or something. Wasn't abnormal wear or anything but seemed to be that the top of the valve stem was over champhered or machined excessively on the top allowing the shim to not sit plumb on top of the stem all the time and getting some phunky wear going on. Luckily he noted that the bike was not starting as easy as normal and we took a look to see what was going on and happened to find a problem before any major damage occured. My WR just broke the 1000 mi mark and I will be checking the valves for the third time since owning the bike ( so far I have only brought one intake from the bottom side of spec to the top side of spec because I am a chickensh*t and a tad anal).

Thats all '05 info and none of us are ready for new bikes yet so I can't tell you about '06 or '07s.....

Personally I think you'd be happy either way you go.



They are terrible P.O.S. Top heavy, cumbersome and unreliable. Ride a new WR or an 05 on KTM and you will see what a bike is suppossed to handle like.

That being said , the bottom end of a 450X is definatly something to be scared of. Pity the useless bit surroundiong it (the rest of the bike) is so poor.


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