ordered dual sport kit

After weeks of deciding what kit to spend my hard earned cash on, I called Dale at trick dual sport. This is what I experienced. Phoned the company up and forgot that California is 3 hours behind Indiana. I left a message that I was interested in dual sport kit for the xr650r. I didn't recieve a call before I went to work so later in the day on lunch break I phoned again. This time Dale answered and I told him my name and he apologized and said he had been on the phone with KTM all day discussing his kits. I explained that a ricky stator was on order and I wanted something that would complement the output of the stator. This guy (Dale) is a electrical wizard!! Dale explained how he would build a custom kit to suit my needs. The possibilities are endless and Dale at Trick Dual Sport will build a kit in any way you want. Anyone considering a dual sport kit should deffinately take the time to call and speak with Dale directly before making any decisions. Deffinately a :ride: to Dale and trick dual sport.

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