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Fun in the Mud

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Yesterday I got my first real test of riding in the mud at a track. I've ridden mud before on the trails but this was a whole new world. There was still some snow on the ground but the Berthod track crew did a good job of clearing the majority of it off. When we first got on the track it was only the faces and landings of the jumps that were really muddy. Then as the day went on, the straights were just as bad. But it was fun.

Talk about hard work. Hey Ron, the work out program you set up is paying dividends for me. I was able to keep the bike up the entire day. And there were quite a few near dumps. Usually landing on the jumps. It was easy to tell those who went down. Wet with mud from head to toe.

A funndy story. I stopped to put air in my tires on the way up. I forgot to check the pressure when I got there. After about four laps I remembered. I had 24 lbs. in the front and 22 in the rear. It was like wearing roller blades on ice. So I dropped it down to 10 lbs in both and it was a huge difference.

I learned a few things out there. Throttle control is the key in the mud. No brakes, throttle, throttle, throttle. I learned I am not that bad in the mud. I learned that there are a lot of guys who are way better than me in the mud. Confirmed by the roost patterns on my gear. I learned mud is heavy. I bet I had 30 - 40 lbs of mud on my bike. I learned mud hardens like concrete on the drive home. I learned I should have waited in line at the power washer instead of heading home to wash the bike. I learned it takes about 90 minutes to wash a mudded up bike with a household hose. I learned mud is fun.

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