Does a rear rim fit both 250 and 450?????

I need a new rear rim for my 450 and saw one on ebay that came off a yz 250 2 stroke. Will that fit on my 450 f 2006.



I'm pretty sure that YZ250/250f/400/426/450 from '99 on have the same rear wheel. Same thing with the front.

Double check the rear wheel spacers. IIRC, they're different between '03 and '06. There's another set for earlier bikes, like the '01. Otherwise, the rear hus are the same, and the front wheel/axle/spacers interchange directly.

Also check the rear rim width. The 450 should have a 2.15 rim. I believe the 250 2-stroke does as well, but the 125 and 250F use a 1.85.

Very Funny re: the groundhog. Shorter winter means more riding right??

Thanks for the replies, very helpful.

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