XR600R huge mileage revealed on next thread

Hello moderator and everyone,hope youre feeling fine, I also hope you get this message as I,m not too clued up on computers

this is my first message I,m also trying to send a picture, If you can see it, can you tell what these bikes are,I bet no one knows what the orange thing is.(its completely stock)(apart from bright orange)

my 98xr600r is obviously not in the picture. I bought it from a friend 3months ago, it is high mileage,but very well looked after. (but one slight problem)

I would like to keep in touch with you guys on these pages,as youre knowledge of xrs is astounding

I will keep this short ,Incase it doesnt work,and I will send a xr message and picture next time. bye for now


wheres my picture005

Welcome to Thumpertalk, dave from scotland,

I'm really not that computer savy to give info on how to post pics.

It does tell you how at the bottom of where you post a message though.

:ride: :ride:

Post the entire link where you have the picture stored in between the img tags.

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