Hardware for Acerbis 6.3 Gallon?

I bought a used tank on ebay for my 650r and it came without hardware. Anyone have this hardware around, or a photo of what the hardware should look like?


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you will have to come up with a suitable replacement as Acerbis doesn't sell a hardware kit seperately from the tank

I wanted to get the radiator braces from them which is how I found that out.

you can use the stock upper hardware

the front holes on the tank mount to the front lower radiator shroud mount points. You will need 4 rubber spacers about 1/4 to 3/8ths of an inch thick and 1 inch or so in diameter, 4 large washers the same diameter as the rubber spacers, and bolts long enough to go through the whole assembly.

it goes bolt-washer-rubber-tank-rubber-washer-bike on both sides.

good luck

Thanks for the info.

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