FMF mega bomb

anyone read the dirt rider shootout and see where they tried a megabomb header pipe with the stock silencer and had good results. I am just curious if anyone has tried it. They said it still was quite but livened it up off idle.

I did the same thing with the Power Bomb on my '03, comparing it with the stock exhaust, and then with the PB combined with the stock muffler. I found that the header is most of what spreads the power out across such a wide range. Since the Mega Bomb works on the same principal, I would imagine that the effect would be the same with any muffler it was paired with.

I have the megabomb and the 4.1 system on my 06. I am thourouly impressed. Great sound, and awsome power.

i would surmise that this is the truth across all exhaust systems. if you look at 2 strokes, the major component that affected the power and its delivery was the shape of the pipe, not the silencer. similarly, in the auto industry, you will get more gains out of headers than you will out of a new muffler. longer headers affect the bottom end while shorter headers affect the top end (or is it visa versa?).

at any rate, when considering the silencer, they are not the proverbial choke point in the exhaust system. if the diameter of the header is smaller than the diameter of the exhaust, then changing the muffler will not yield any significant gains (in theory).

larger diameter doesnt exactly mean better performance. you also have to have "back pressure" from an exhaust system for the engine to perfrom optimally. maybe somebody with more knowledge on that subject can enlighten us... or maybe we can just google it...

We have 2. Both have split along the factory seem.

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