(13) Kouba's out the door, Monday January 14, 2002

The following Kouba's are out the door on Monday, January 14.

The rest will be ordered on Friday, January 25. I have ZERO DRZ-S model Kouba's on hand. They will be ordered as well on 1/25.


Cro..., Steve


Hay..., Dan


Hos..., David


Jon..., Mike


Mal..., Stephen


Mey..., Matt


Poo..., Tom


Roh..., Matt

San Jose

Rom..., Bernard


Saw..., Craig

Egg Harbor

Sho..., Mike

Leavenworth :)

Ste..., Don (2 Kouba's)




Got mine today. Thanks! By the way, how's the Acerbis tank. Did you finally straighten the cap issue out. I rode my bike this past Saturday with the Acerbis tank/YZ seat...now I can turn this bike on a dime!!! :):D Well worth the money (especially at their price).


[ January 17, 2002: Message edited by: Herkypilot ]

haven't touched the bike. Ordered tha Cap from ACERBIS. Faxed them a letter...and heard nothing.

Faxed them the same letter yesterday, (with yesterday's date; Now two dates at top of letter.)

this time requested RSVP. the letter was not a nasty-gram/hate letter. Just mentioned how the ACERBIS rep mis-informed me (mutiple times) of return postage of tank to replace w/ CORRECT tank w/ cap.

We'll see!

I'd setttle for a complete set of replacement plastic as an apology (fenders, side panels, rad shrouds and front number plate).

this I'll get it?? :)

kevin, how do i get a kouba?


NH Kevin, I put my order in last night. Did you receive?


Yes, you are in.

Shawn (Sean),

You can go the Pay Pal route:


my account is: thumperridernhkevin@hotmail.com

If you do not use Pay Pal,

go snail mail to:

Kevin Lysdahl

ATTN: Kouba

275 Old Mountain Road

Northwood, NH 03261-4209



Please give me a heads up if you send a cheque. I am already working on my envelopes for an immediate turn around on getting them out to everybody.

I have been billing the guys who send me cheques with Pay Pal, for my own records (just refuse payment). I am exclusively trying to use Pay Pal to track all this stuff.

I WILL be posting a recipient list on ALL forums very soon. If any discrepancies exist, I want them taken care of PRIOR to placing the order on Friday, January 25 @1600 E.S.T.


Got my Kouba today, should be installed tomorrow. Thanks.

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