braking rotor

do you run this product and is it a bolt up that uses the oem caliper?thanx, sorry no caps nursing a broken wrist.

Front or rear?

Front, you can get the oversize, floating wave rotor with exteded caliper bracket and they come with pads...retails for about $275

Rear, standard size but wave look. retails for about $130

these are "braking" brand and there are others less expensive but I know nothing about them.

I know this wasn't your question but....I bought a front and rear EBC a couple months ago. This brand fit perfectly.

i have the braking wavey's on mine there great look the part too:thumbsup:

Where did you guys buy the Braking parts? I didn't see a set(650r) in TT's/PU catalog for the front, I'll have to check for the back. thanx

I got mine from tallon in the uk

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