thinking about buying yz426f some ???

hell all im going to sell my yz125 and may buy an 01 yz426f.. new plastics.. the guy took care of everything.. mint condition he wants 2650 for it.. good price???? all blue now heres a pik


are they heavy?.. is it worth the swith from a yz125 to this?? thanks alot

It's going to be heavier than your 125. They are great bikes, but you should ask the guy when he rebuilt it, and how often to change the oil, and other stuff. If he has never rebuilt it, or striped the bike down for service then forget about it. If he tells you that he changed the oil every 5 or 6 rides, forget about it. I don't know the exact weight but I think they're about 230-235. As for the price I think thats about what they're going for in Cali, you might be able to get a couple hundred knocked off.

Yep, about 232 dry IIRC. The price isn't a steal, but it's not a rip-off either...unless of course things are like Ranger said.

Is that a "Blues for Alla" pic on the shroud? Cool...guy must have been a DeadHead.

dead head??

Those 426's are very good bikes and are almost bullet proof if they have been properly maintained, but as with any bike you buy used you are at the mercy of the previous owner when it comes to maintenance. If the bike checks out good you will love it.:ride:

As for the price I would try to get him down a couple hundred.

its FIRM price with him

Is that a Renthal chain on a stock sprocket?

My 2 cents...

First off, the 426's are great bikes. I have a 2002 and got it for $3300 in 2005. This may seem like a lot, but it was NEVER ridden. Check to see how much of the paint from the frame has been rubbed off and clutch plate, etc. Those are good signs on how much it was ridden.

When i purchased it, it came with a Hotcam (auto-decompression, must have), Applied Racing Triple Clamp, Enzo racing suspension dialed to 220lb rider, new tires, Renthal Twinwalls, and various other parts.

Also tons of gear with just about 2 of everything.

But do ask about his maintenance and how often he did stuff. Alot can be said about a bike.

BTW, my bike starts on first kick 95% of the time. Make sure the thing runs well.


Seems high here... There is one here in a local paper for $1600. Obviously condition matters. I would think $2000-2200 would be the range...

dead head??

Yeah, as in Gerry Garcia/ the Grateful Dead. I must be old.:ride:

dead head??
Kids have no sense of history. :ride:

judging by the wear of the paint it looks like it has been ridden alot. Also, those tires are trashed. Makes me wonder if he let everything go that long before attending to it. That price is way off. I sold my 02 426 over a year ago for 2500. So this is a year later and a year older bike and he wants that much? No way. It is true that the 426 is one of the most reliable 4-strokes you can get but that is just to much for that bike.

And it will feel alot heavier than your 125. I went to a 125 after the 426 and I can tell a big difference. I am over 200 lbs. I espcially noticed it in slow, tight struff. Up and running, it was really good. Very stable and felt great in the air. You do have to think about laying it over more in the turns but with some good 756s it will lay over and turn pretty good. Not CRF250 good, but still good. It did better on flat stuff that ruts but I have rut issues myself so maybe that is just me.

Bottom line, good bike but too much money.

I bought my 2000 426 for 1482.00 on ebay. I've put another 500.00 into it to freshen it up (tires, cam chain, new bearings for the swingarm, linkage, plastic, levers, grips ect ....) I going thru the bike completely making sure everthing is right for the upcoming season.

this is what it looked like when I bought it

I paid $3000 for my '02 back in the fall of 2004. I just put about $1500 in it for a new top-end - pistons, valves and timing chain, new swingarm bearings, revalved and resprung suspension and of course ENG's (exciting new graphics). :ride:

Not a bad investment and I figure the bikes good for another 3 to 400 hrs and maybe then a new bike....but I'll be sad to see the 426 go.

Just recently sold mine. And no offense to the bike in question but mine lookes showroom condition compared to it i only got 1700$ out of it. That was w/ 300$ in extras (plastic/seat/cover/new tires...etc.)I got a spankin new 07 and was sad to see my 426 go until i signed the papers for the 07:ride:

Yea, seems high on the price. You can find em going for $2000 or under any day.

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