Thinking of selling my 01 426

An interesting sidebar is that it is actually quite simple to register a bike for street use that has been plated in another state and moved here. A know a guy who three or four of his brothers to New Hampshire, bought WR450's and 250F's and registered them there (there was no residency requirement to do so). Then brought them home, waited 60 days, and transfered the NH registration. I believe there was a visual inspection required for the presence of turn signals, etc., but that was it.

I just bought my 00 426 for 2000

Man I miss Fayetteville! Too many good times!


Funny how that is, huh? When i was there I couldn't wait to leave :censored:


Funny how that is, huh? When i was there I couldn't wait to leave :censored:

Come on... Ft. Bragg had a really good MX track when I was there....Also - What about Hay Street? How could you miss those? :applause::ride:

Best of both Worlds!


I don't know how long ago you guys were stationed here, but the tracks are closed down. There are a couple really good tracks nearby though. And Hay street ! well the notorious "RICKS LOUNGE" is now the Police station. No kidding! No more stip bars down there. One good thing though, the Airborne and Special Ops museum is across the street and it Rips.

FYI. Ive posted my bike in the TT classifieds and will post pics soon.

payed $3000 for 02 426 about 8 months ago. it only had about 25 hours on it.



the seller also gave me a few extra's including a brand new rear tire

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