broken clutch basket

Layed my bike down ,brake pedal punched hole in clutch cover. limped back to camp (about 7 miles) oil leaking out every wear,still had some oil left when I got back. Got a new cover every thing looked OK. bolt it on went on a short ride(30 miles) get all most home and then crunch noise:foul: then normal, but clutch is slipping. Take it apart and three fingers/tabs of the basket broken.Not sure how much metal is ground up in the side of my case. Should have looked at the basket a little closer I guess after the low side. :ride: Ordered hinson basket, and will pull side case off to inspect for bits of metal,not sure how to make sure I get it all out,so not to do any more damage:banghead:

Sorry to hear the sad news, :ride:

First I'm guessing that you have a XR650R, but please let us know.

Short of splitting the cases, there is only so much you can do. Access to the bottom of the engine is somewhat limited. Just wipe up whatever you can reach. Be sure to clean both the engine screen and the frame tube screen. The first thing to get damaged would be the oil pump. It doesn't like to pump aluminum. You might consider taking it apart and taking a look.

If the metal bits are extensive, perhaps you could use some solvent, like paint thinner. Something like tip bike to left. Put in some solvent (a cup or two?). Install cover with no or old gasket. Slosh it around by tipping bike right and left. End with bike to the right. Remove cover to dump solvent and hopefully ground up metal. Repeat until it's clean. Leave the cover off for a day so the solvent can evaporate.

If you take the oil pump apart, or use solvent, be sure to prime the oil pump. There is a thread going about that.

I would change the oil and clean the screens and change the filter after the first ride. That should get any remaining metal out. If you run one of those reusable metal screen oil filters, I would not use it for this first ride. Use a paper filter for this.

Most of the piece's are pretty big,does'nt look like much got ground up.Will try to flush it out the best I can. Thanks on the prime the oil pump info. Figured I pull all that apart and look just to be safe and it is a 01 xr650r. Thanks again

When I did the add a plate mod to my 650R clutch, I noticed that the clutch springs had worn some pretty deep grooves in the outside of the 4 columns sticking out of the basket. This may likely be what caused the break. When I put mine together, I was very careful to center each of the springs, I think that will solve the clearance issue.

I think the clutch basket on the XR650R should be added to the list of common problem parts.

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