wr450 athena big bore

i put the big bore kit on my 450 that already has hotcams. a sweet pipe. super moto tired smaller sprcoket. etc. got a super good mechanic but had a problem. i had about 15 hours on it and was ripping it about 70 and something broke. turns out it was the bottom half of the piston blew up and thankfully didnt do any damage to nothing. they both say piston malfunctoin and of course the company says nothing. well a good thing came out of it for sure is that they have good friends that drag race these bikes and have had similiar probs with their kits and have detroyed blocks. so they have started to bore out the kits even more and inserted steel sleeves to so that the thing can handle the power and also using wiseco pistons which seem to be stronger. now im now a mechanic, i just love to ride my bike super fast. i drag race my bike as well and won two races last year stock with just a pipe and supermoto wheels. went 13.5 at 96mph and now were thinking mid 12's. ill keep you all posted. anyone else have anything to add about athena or anything related it would be appreciated for sure........thanks

so, don't get a athena eh! whats getting you the big power?

I just ordered an Athena high compression, have you heard of them having problems?

Did you happen to get the 1/8 mile time?

ill get the 1/8 mile time in march for sure. im not saying to not get the big bore kit, im definately saying get it but if you want to really take it to the limit do what im doing and get someone to put a sleeve in it so itll never blow out. the big power im getting is definately from the powerbomb and the white brothers. that was the first things i did and than the hot cams really rip it to another level as well. definately need to change to a smaller sprocket in the rear because its like having another gear to get you over the top. now the big bore and ill keep you all posted. my mechanic/speed shop is the ones that know the boys in the midwest that have my block and are working it and putting in the wiseco so when i talk to him ill get their name and number for sure. pretty sure the problem is you cant bore out the stock block and it seems that the athena is great except if you want to drag race like me than youll take it over the top. so these guys know what there doing im sure because i hear theyve gotten a wr450 to mid 11's and 116mph which is super nuts. im hoping for over a hundred for sure. next thing is a new edelbrock carb and a larger gear in the front. ill let you guys know

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