Taffy APJ Mod Pictures!

Here's some pictures that Andy Howes sent me. I have not done the mod yet. So hopefully Andy or someone that has done the mod can explain the pictures a little better.

1.electrical conecter


2.shows it in place with rubber boot pulled back


3.shows rubber boot pulled back down


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that's a great effort by you two lads!

well done. and now everyone should at last be able to do this without any hitches because it really is easy peasy lemon squeezy.


thats one small terminal block connector!!

taffy, i have followed your jetting posts since they started. after reviewing your jetting specs, one question; what elevation do you ride at?

Originally posted by Taffy:

it really is easy peasy lemon squeezy......


Eddie is that you? :)

Made me laugh there Taffy.



i ride sea level and that'll be good up to 2k i would think. you couldn't possibly be thinking of leaning off the jetting even more could you?

could you?!?!


it's the thing kids say over here!



i'm not going any leaner! i'm also at sea level with temps between 30f-95f and 40%-100% humidity at all temps. running 175mj and 50pj all the time and it works for the most part for all conditions(everything else is stock). it is a bit rich in hot weather but i have only fouled the plug once and that was when it fell over while warming up. i can't believe your running that lean. you need to come to pa and give me a few hours of your time. btw, we are talking about a '99 yz400.

correction - i'm at 800-1000 feet but might as well be sea level.

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Originally posted by Taffy:


it's the thing kids say over here!


Taffy I've heard the phrase from Eddie Izzard,

I assumed it was his, maybe it still is and the kids picked it up from him, dunno. Anyway the phrase made me think of Eddie who is about the Funniest Brit I've heard (after my all time favorite Benny Hill that is).



someone please post the procedure on how to do the mod and I will post it on my site!! Does this mod work on the KTM520 too? Thanks,


we had the funniest comedian i'd heard over here since benny hill and tommy cooper his name is harry enfield and if you get the chance watch him.

the problem will be that he takes the rise out of certain characters of people and therefore they're british and it might not travel too well, i don't know.

izzard is very funny, comic geius and he has a touch of the billy connolly (scotsman with long beard) in that he wanders off and you can imagine every story.

sbohanen i was being witty when i said you couldn't be thinking of jetting down! why don't you just have a bucket and pour it in?

anyway now that more of you have got the APJ's right down this whole web page can start to jet down. it could take months or even years but we'll get there.



i have to admit, i'm to lazy to to play with the jetting when all seems well. even if some performance gains are to be had. most of my riding is in tight woods, harescambles and such. the plug looks good with the exception of some soot at the end. do seem to have some soot buildup in the header, but not much. i would attribute this to the amount of low speed riding we do or maybe pump gas. i was advised by some respectable people with yzf experience that its not necessary to run high octane fuel because it runs to cool and use 89 octane instead, maybe even 87. what do you think; reduce the pj and drop the needle in the summer? and maybe try the lower octane or maybe race gas for the consistancy?

as you may have noticed i feel you should richen up in the summer and weaken off in the winter. stick to pump fuel and take care of your health first.

if you lack the motivation to play with your jetting who am i to complain "don't worry, be happy!".


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