07 WR 450 forks

I have rode 650 miles in three weeks on my new WR and love it. I'm a expert desert racer but also love to ride the technical trees. The forks were way to soft in the low speed stuff but worked great in high speed chop. I love the inital stroke but after that I'm bottoming out fairly easy. So, we thought before gold valves or heaver springs we would try and shim them. That has helped, I don't feel like I'm riding such a big girl through the woops but now it's just stiff through the whole stroke. O.K, I am 190 pounds came from a YZ 450 and want my forks to feel as responsive as my 06 YZ did.

Funny thing is, all I've heard about this bike is all the stuff you need to take off, to make it fast. I will do that soon, but I feel like the bike is close to my YZ except the forks. Please, any info would be much appreciated. Time to ride dirty. Jeff S

The YZ450F '07 comes out with 0.48kg/mm front fork springs stock while the WR450 '07 comes out with 0.46kg/mm stock. I managed to get YZ450 '07 springs from Racetech but you have to have a 10mm spacer made up at your local engineering works as the stock springs measure at 460mm long on the WR and the YZ springs are 450mm long. The rear shock springs are the same size. You should try going up to a 0.48kg/mm front fork springs as this will then be the same set up as your '06 YZ.

Good luck


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Muz and I did ours at the same time, well worth the effort. Bike handles better than anything I have ever riden.

Thanks guys, I'll give this try and let you know the outcome. I haven't had a chance yet to call racetech, did they hook you up with the titanium springs, (I thought that was what the YZ have for 07). How much did you pay and did you guys use the gold valves.

I bet you guys don't have as many fences in S. Africa to contend with as us in the states but what about big animals chasing you??? Thanks again for the help, Jeff

Chased by animals ? Oh yes Lions, Elephants you name it its a regular zoo here in South Africa. Jokes aside, the only animals the chase us are the natives dogs and the odd native kid mooching for money. On an average Sunday morning ride we ride for +-90km without any fences and cross 1 or 2 tar roads. We have some really awesome riding here in South Africa and the regulations are not as anal as in USA

With regards to the springs, the Racetech springs are steel. If you could afford it and find someone to make it you maybe able to get after market titanum springs but they cost a small fortune.



PS. AtkinsE is a dumb ass

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