North Carolina Newbie Here!

Hi All,

I have ridden and raced motorcycles (primarily dirt bikes) since I was 6 years old. I sold my last bike when my daughter was born 14 years ago.

After years of pestering and prodding, my wifey finally relented and agreed that a dirt bike would be cool. After a 2-week search, the Yamaha dealership finally received an '07 WR450, put it together, filled it with fluids and handed me the bike and manual.

I am a happy man.:ride: :ride:

I've completed the very basics as far as de-restricting goes...throttle stop, AIS removal, airbox horn removal.

I've been reading all I can on carb adjustments after making these changes and I'm looking at the GYTR 96db muffler. I'm familiar with this forum format and I'm currently working my way through the sticky posts.

I'd appreciate any advice you can give on next steps and I'd enjoy getting together for some rides. I live in northwest Charlotte (Mountain Island Lake) and have not ridden any of the parks/trails in the area.

Thanks again!


Once you get it running right, the biggest thing you can do is get your suspension dialed in. My advice is to do your springs first, get your clickers set and if that doesn't get you where you need to be, then get into valving. Springs ought to run about $200 for the front and rear combined. Along with that, you may want to think about a steering damper, another $400. Just so you know, WR stands for "Wallet Raper" :ride:...Welcome Aboard...SC


I've been sweating the carb access to install a new adjustable needle and new pilot jet.

After I finish the re-jetting and button it back up...I'll ride for a while and sort out the suspension.

Wallet Raper...aren't they all?


Congrads on your new bike. If you live in the Mtn Island Lake area, you should head up to Brushy Mountain Park (url: in Taylorsville to ride. They have both trails and some motorcross tracks. A lot of people also like TNT down in Chester, SC (url: Enjoy!

Good luck with your new bike. I was also off a bike for about 15 years. Been back about 5. Try Brown Mountain ORV area, I ride it a lot and it has something for everyone and is cheap. Stay off 1A until you get familar with your bike it can get tough. Again welcome back!

Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to it...however...I'm a wussy these days so I'm waiting for the temps to come up into the 50's again!

I have looked at the web sites and read all the posts for the various riding spots you've mentioned and I can't wait to try them out. Has anyone here ridden Spencer Mountain Riding Area in Gastonia? Any positive feedback?

You'll know it's me if you see me pull into a park, unload my shinny new bike and put on my shinny new gear...I'm roost bait for sure!


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