'06 WR450 Hard to start after mods

Hi all, I did the mods, (PMB insert, GYTR AIS removal kit, snorkel, grey wire and zip-ty fuel screw) now my bike is very hard to start when cold, Ive searched and it seems I'm not alone with hard start problems. I aboslutly love this bike and its new power, I live in southern AZ at 3600' and ride between 2500'-5000' could jetting be my issue? everything is stock except the GYTR pilot jet and needle but dont know much about jetting, I checked the valves and they are within spec, bike runs and starts great when warm, any advice about jets or cold starting is appreciated.:ride:

I have found that since it has an accelerator pump on the carb, that opening the throttle 2-3 times before cranking it over helps with starting.

This should help with your jetting questions. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=411240

You just beat me to it Jwar1r1t3, lol twist the throttle at least twice, fairly slow and it will prime her up, with choke on she'l start right up

Thanks for the advice guys but I've tried that many times, I've also tried no throttle pumps and many pumps, usually after 5-10 pumps it will cough and try to fire but not start, i then pump it 2-3 times and get the same result untill finally it will stay running. I thought once that i was flooding it but holding the throttle open to clear it didnt seem to help, I ran the battery down yesterday trying to start it, when i heard the starter slowing, I kicked it and she started right up, maybe my battery or starter is weak, I think i will try to start it with kick only today and see what happens...............

I have noticed that the kick starter is much stronger than the electric. I have no idea why they wouldn't have made the starter strong enought to start it. The new 4 wheelers have electric start without a kick starter, and they are very strong and reliable.

I would try going way lean on the slow jet, that should help with your starting. I think that your hard starting IS because of the mods you did, as the ones you mentioned would end up in a rich mixture.

You said you used the GYTR lilot jet and needle, what #'s were they??? You may have used the wrong ones for your elevation.

You need to rejet the carb for your elevation. Look in the Jetting Database for what you need, especially in the starter jet arena. Bump it to a 68 and I'll bet your problems go away...SC

they make the starter just enough to work to keep weight down, i know it's a pain cause i got a yz cam and it don't like the electric start either, lots of jetting and the right touch and i can get it to start though.

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