swinarm bolt stuck

I've gotten all of the suspension linkages taken off in preparation for some new bearings, but the main swingarm pivot doesn't want to slide out. I removed the 22mm bolt on the rider's left and gave the bolt a good wack with a mallet and it didn't budge. Shouldn't it just slide out? Am I missing something?

Also, if the collars for the linkage bearings are not perfectly smooth, should they be replaced? Mine were neglected and only one was still shiny smooth. Thanks

Dumb question--did you remove the rear brake pedal? If so you may need to get a brass "punch" mine is 5/8 inch in diameter and about 7-8 inches long. This will allow you to really pound on it without damaging the threads. Or you could leave the nut on to protect the threads. You may also try a larger hammer (they tend to not "bounce back" as much as a smaller hammer. After you finally get the swing arm bolt out make sure to put grease or anti-seize on it to prevent this from happening again. On the collars you might as well go all the way and get new collars if the appear worn or rusted.I'm not sure if Pivot works bearings come with those already in the package or not.

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