WR 450 2007 plastics

A client of mine is lokking for yellow plastics on his new WR450 2007.

Polisport has just yellow for the YZF and that does'n't fit.

Someone has other options?:ride:

The only YZ450F 06 / 07 plastics that fit a wr450 '07 is the front mud guard. Nothing else fits and no one is making them yet. The tank shrouds dont fit, the rear mud guard on the WR has a place for the CDI unit while the YZ is totally differant.The side number plates are differant as the airbox has an access panel on the left side. The front fork protectors are also differant due to the cable for the on board computer. We have tried everywhere. Polisports and Acerebis dont makefor the WR450 'O7 yet.

will just have to wait.



:ride: :ride: :ride:


I´m also with this very annoying problem...

the rear fender is diferent because of the "CDI" unit and left side panel also, and the radiator scoop also (screw point).

Today I tryed to dress my WR 2007 in white with YZ 2006/7 plastics.. and... only the front fender and the number plate are ok.

I´m really sad. (I order a YZ white graphics to my WR.. and I don t know what to do)

does some one already swap with success? (or buy a whit kit somewhere)

is it a DIY very hard to do? (modifying the YZ plastics)

Do Acerbis or UFO have already product for sale?

regards, fLAVIO

Mecplast in Italy has Yellow plastics for WR450F 2007/08 model. It really fits with the CDI unit etc....

I took a while, but i found it:ride:

Do you have a link for Mecplast? I Googled it,but no luck!

i think accerbis or ufo now make other colors, but maybe only blk/white.

Does anyone have links or are you just making it up?

i seen them in the new 2008 rocy tucker or parts unlimited catalog cant remember which. but its funny because there not on accerbis or ufo own web site. maybe just not updated yet?

i didnt read this before buying my yellow yz plastics thinking it would fit my WR2007, very dissapointed i am not liking the blue anymore i want a different color can any body help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can get one step closer with an IMS gas tank as it uses YZ shrouds.

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