Fly wheel weight on an 01 426

Is there any bad things about the fly wheel weight? goods are more bottem end etc, but will it decrease top end? how much does it cost to get dealer to put 1 on? any info is apreciated :ride:

It does not take power away ,it slows the crank excelration. The 426 will hook up better and will not stall as much.Buy a pullar $15 do it your self,or sent the fly wheel to the ones that make the kits.I have 10oz on a big motor.

put a 12 oz on mine it does not take away anything just turns power into traction hooks up so good its almost scary installed my self not difficult.

i already bought a puller, had it for my other bike. What all is there too install? is it easy? What oz do you think i should go? stock motor. What is the ruff cost? also would my local yamha shop carry it?

the only reason im not getting one is because i like how fast they rev. with a weighted down fly wheel would it rev slower? and rev down slower?

paid about $250 for ty davis kit came with drill bit and tap for mounting bolts was not hard to do bigger is better had to be ordered in took abought a week.were in B.C are you?

lower mainland

Here is a recomendation chart from Steahlyoffroad

I would buy a new complete flywheel - no drilling or tapping and you can also switch it back to stock.

I had a 12oz on my 426 and loved it.

will the 12oz improve starting at all

so if i bought the 12 oz one... will it tone down how fast it revs?? like that other guy said.... i love how fast it revs...but also ride pretty much alll woods n want a lil more tracksion :ride:

you would have to ad 12lbs to tone it down the 12oz just makes it hook up and reduces stalling i have a recluse as well as 03 exhaust cam makes it much better in the woods but still not best bike for tite woods.

riiight on ill be picking one up

will the 12oz improve starting at all

A flywheel will not help starting enough to notice. If you are having problems starting your bike you need to check your valve clearance, clean the carb and do the 03 exhaust cam mod.

Do a flywheel weight search and you will find a lot more info from fellow TTr's. I asked basically the same question last year. I'm probably going to break down and buy one here soon. Steahly is a great brand.:censored:

The 12oz Steahley in my '02 YZ made it a woods weapon but I still have fun on the track with it too.

the only reason im not getting one is because i like how fast they rev. with a weighted down fly wheel would it rev slower? and rev down slower?

Explaining it by saying it slows down the revs is probably not the best way to say it, I have a 12 ounce on my 01 426 and it still has awsome response. It is still just as fast as before, only smoother, when other guys are spinning and bouncing around on the hard pack, I am pulling away, which is very frustrating for my friends on newer bikes. It didnt slow down any on prepped loamy tracks either. My bike is stock other than jetting, FMF pipe and flywheel weight.


how about for wheeliein? pop easyer or smoother or what? not that it arleady does have enough power to pop easy but my assumption would be more grip more wheelie :censored:

The weight does not add or subtract power. It adds inertia to the crank that will keep things spinning at low R.P.M. and somewhat slow the acceleration revs depending on how heavy or light a weight you go with. The woods riders like them because the inertia helps prevent stalling in tight sections and slow speeds. A lot of 450 riders used them to dampen the explosive hit the early 450 YZ had. Hope this helps some.


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