2005 XR 650R for $5,000 -help a newbie

I live in Arizona and have found a new "old stock" 2005 XR 650R. This motorcycle is an orphan from the dealership. It has been stored outside some but, it is not sun faded at all. The seat has a couple of minor tears that look like a piece of wire or some tool were laid on the seat which is otherwise pretty new and fresh.

A few questions:

  • Is the price fair and reasonable (it is OTD the door from Arizona)?

  • Are there any differences between 2005 and 2007 I should consider before spending my money?

  • Is maintanence on this going to be frequent and difficult (I looked at a street legal Yamaha WRF-450 f/s/something race bike and ran away when I learned what it's life span and maintance requirements were)?

  • Is this motorcycle a reasonable one to "dual sport"?
    I want to avoid the extra weight and perceived inferior components on the XR-650L and I like the water cooling over air cooling

  • With an accessory fan on the radiator, do I need to worry about over heating in Arizona, especially with some dual use in stop and go traffic occasionally (not more then 30 minutes or 16 miles)?

  • Will this be a good choice for an asphalt run of ~40 miles to easy off roading?

Thanks in Advance! :ride:

Sounds like a decent deal... if, in fact, it is "new"? I paid $6200 out the door for my '05 when it was new, on the show room floor new! Getting it "plated" in AZ shouldn't be a problem but I'm not sure so check with the Arizona DMV. You will need to change the radiator cap to help with over heating. A 15T front sprocket will get better top end. After the plating I would do all the "standard" mods, open air box, new jet, pipe, etc...

I bought my 06 XRR in July 06 for $5K.

As I think back, I should have haggled down to $4600 as the bike was at least a demo bike. The tires were worn some and some decals were missing, but I loved it from the get go and XRRs are hard to find in the East (MD) new or used.

Check the fork tube to be sure it really is an 05 (manuf decal). Seat tears mean used. You're at a disadvantage cause there is no odo, just a resetable odometer. Check the tires for wear - compare to some of the new bikes. Check if the air box restrictors have been removed behind the left side air box cover which would mean it has been uncorked and is definitely used.

After a few precautions its all about how badly you want the BRP. I haven't looked back!

I ditto the other two guys though I might add that maintenance on these bikes is about as minimal as a dirtbike can get. If it truly is nearly new go for it! Maybe someone here on TT is in the viscinity & might be willing to look it over with you?

They are good dual sport machines. Think of it as the cadillac of trail bikes. Lots of torque, comfortable, soft suspension (unless you change it), capable of sustaining high cruising speeds.

Definitely low maintenance. Check oil (a bit of a pain to change until you get a routine down - buy a "Billy Who?" funnel and make a newspaper Barrier/Funnel for the right side under the oil filter area). Keep the air filter clean and grease the bearings once a year with high quality waterproof stuff.

Bargain on the price for anything out of order such as the seat, scratches, missing decals, tire wear or cracking.

I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to buy it. It looks like the dealer is has sit on it for a while and therefore probably has time to stew over your counter-offer of $4k out the door. He'll probably give you some sob story, then let him wait for 2-4 weeks before you call him back and settle on something like $4,400 OTD.

You still need to buy a dual sport kit for ~$400 to get it street legal. Might want to look into a Trail Tech Vapor computer ($120) instead of some of the cheapo speedos out there by Baja Designs. The computer gives you RPM, Engine/Ambient Temp, MPH, Max Speed, Time, etc.

Get a 3.2-4.3 gallon tank. Stock is about 2.9 gallons. Clarke tanks fit better than IMS.

Buy a gripper seat cover for $30 on e-bay.

Welcome to TT, you will get all sorts of opinions here, so heres mine. If it is truly new, offer $4500 out the door, otherwise keep looking. These bikes are queen of low maintenance, king is the L model. But the performance with little work is superior to the L. And yes its capable of way more than you want it for. But for a bike thats been in and out of the weather sitting new $4500 is fair, $5000 is fair if your the dealer. Good luck let us know what happens!

Thanks for all your help so far. My initial target price was $4500 OTD which in Arizona seems reasonable. I think I will counter with $5K upfront and a $500 credit on parts and service. My reasoning being, I'm going to need tires and some other stuff pretty early so, I'll get my $500 back and the sales manager can tell the home office he got the $4000 sticker, $800 bullshit fees and cut the $400 delivery and $400 assembly back to $200. The whole thing makes me feel like I'm on a used car lot but, that motorcycle seems like a better fit for me then some overweight street machine.

Of course, this assumes when I go back to look at it I don't find signs of it truly being a "used" motorcycle.

Best Regards,


get the vin # and check for titling :ride:

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