XR650R steering stem

Does anyone know where I can get one cheap?

Does anyone have one they will sell?

I really really really really really really really really really really need one!

Ebay man....

Sometimes there are guys parting out bikes on there. Try e-mailing one to see if they have an extra they might be willing to part with. Other than that, time to make a trip to Honda...

I don't know how much they are, but I think you can get just the stem from Emig Racing. Did you mess your's up or are you doing a front end swap?

Bike Bandit has the cheapest OEM parts I've seen, but that part is around 300 bucks. Sorry.

Are you looking for a stock, upper clamp? I may buy a scotts system. Are you interested in buying a like new, used stock clamp? Send me a PM.



I have a stock stem at home. I will look at it when I get home to see the condition. I can take pictures if you need me to do that. Is that all you need is the stem? Pm me if you are interested. Tony

just looking for the stem, doing a usd fork conversion for supermoto and I already have the clamps.

If you are putting on a newer CR or CRF front end you don't need to swap the stem. Call a guy named Rob at this place www.evolutionsuspension.com . He has the upper bearing and race to make the CR or CRF trees work. The lower is the same as the 650's so all you need is the upper. I think there is a different washer to go with it too. Ask him about that also. $60 for bearing and race. Pop out your old race, install the new one with the new bearing, then just grind the steering stops on the lower tree to get your desired turning radius. :ride:

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