new odometer

So how do you like the odometer an speedometer on the newer WRs? I have been looking for one for my 2000 WR but nobody seems to want to part with theres. are they worth the new price from the dealer or should I just go trailtech?

What parts do you need? you need everything including the sensor and the computer, you will be paying over $300 from the dealer. I would go with the trail tech, I have heard nothing but good things about them and considered buying one for my XR 250.

If I were you I would rather get the $79 trail tech with all the same features

and more including; Hour meter and a lubrication reminder. The Yamaha ones don't have those features, and I wish they had the hour meter. I would go with the trail tech, OEM parts are alway ridiculously over priced.

An trailtech comes with all that stuff? Sensor an mounting brakets? Do they last?

Yes they come with everything you need. I do not have one so I don't know if they last, but everyone I have heard that have one say they are great. I'm sure that they will last as long as you don't smash it on an obstical or something.

You could always get this for it:

They also claim to be "weather resistant" so I guess as long as you don't submerge it, it should be fine.

If you ride in the rain, then you could just disconnect it from the power curcuit and when you get home, just take it off and let it dry out completely to ensure that it won't short out. But it should probably last throught whatever you ride anyway.

Here is where you can get one from the thumpertalk store:

I had great results with my last offers more features than the stock Yamaha unit, and it's waayyy affordable. I also don't like the huge cable and drive unit on the stock Yamaha computer...I'm gonna rip that cable off on some tree branches someday, then I'll replace it with a TT unit!


So I just got done looking at the trailtech endurance for 79.00 on TT.

One last question before buying. Will it fit inplace of my stock odometer?

I really dont want to mount it on the bars. So If I take off the old one the trailtech will mount in its place?

Thankyou for taking so much time.


Do some searching, you may be able to find a mount for your specific ride, and protector. I made a mount for mine, but it was for a KTM. Pretty simple to do, with normal hand tools. has the info you need; they even make a mount / dashboard.


thanks guys a whole lot next step is ordering mine. Right now.

done Deal!!!!

i was thinking a ig bore kit would be cool to. try they have a 6 or 7 differnt kits with the bigest being 523. off topic i took my 05 wr 450 to the drag strip and ran 12.9 at 97

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