2003 Xr650r Spark Plug Boot ?

2003 XR650R My plug fouled while riding and instead of taking time to work the boot off i used some channel locks. It was hot i was out in the middle of no where you know the story. :ride: I put a couple of hair line cracks in the yellow boot from where the channel lock dug in. If i start the bike in the dark garage will i be able to see it arc? Is there a better test to see if the boot is bad? If the boot is bad can just the boot be replaced? If the wire and the boot have to be replaced what does that involve? When i got home i used WD-40 and sprayed the spark plug cap and then blew everyhting off with air and dried with a rag and now the cap and boot seem to come off easier now. Is there any other tricks or things to put on plug to make it come off with out hurting spark? I bought the bike used so I don't know if the first owner did anything to the cap to make it hard to get off. Also the bike seems to run fine after this but if it bad I want to fix it. Thanks for any help you have to offer. :ride: Rick

No one ever jack up one of these spark plug boots? Am I the first:crazy:. I will check back.

Put a dab of diaelectric silicone grease on the threaded plug tip before pushing on the boot, this will make it easier to remove.

Thanks creeky I will look for some. I am sure it is better than WD-40. THANKS AGAIN RICK

Coat the inside of the plug boot with a thin film of dielectric grease ,:ride:

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