XR650R Tire Changes

I want to be able to change my own tires, and want to know all the tricks everyone has learned and all the tools necessary to make it as easy as possible on the XRR. Can you give me the "trade secrets", and the best tools for the job? I would appreciate this very much. Thanks :ride:

I use 3 long tire spoons. I hate the crap ones they make for on-the-trail kits. The bars I have are all about 18" long.

Three pieces of advise:

1. Use a lot of soap. Tire shops use Murphy's Oil soap + water mixed. You can use dish soap and water too, but you want it to be strong enough to be really slick.

2. Be careful not to pinch the tude. Nothing will ruin your day like a flat "new" tire.

3. Take your time, and pry the beads of the tire with small bites. If you start hearing a popping sound while prying on the bead, you're ripping the nylon chords inside the tire. While prying, push the opposite side ot the tire bead down so it gets into the center groove of the wheel.

Thanks for the info guys... any other tool tip suggestions? I saw an enexpensive tire changer set up at Harbor Freight? Anyone using it? I am just about to order some supplies, and would like to know if there is any tools I should have...thanks again:ride:

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