This is kinda cool....

Take a watch :ride:

Very cool, the big red pig is a seriuos milage eating machine.:ride:

That's cool. How old is that vid? Makes me get a little nuts watching that while sitting here in freezing weather with a fresh inch of new snow on the ground. My shop's not done & my garage has no heat. Got a box full of new goodies sitting there waiting to be installed. Anyone feeling sorry for me?

*raises hand* ooh ooh ooh ooh I do I do!!!!!!!

GOt a few goodies to put on as well and it is -2 degrees right now.

Sweet, :ride:

I feel sorry for you guys! Here's a phone number 1-800-cheese for the whine:bonk: lol. Why dont you do like everyone else seems to, come to the sunshine state for winter. :applause: Just came in from church (fast hour long ride through the woods with my oldest son, 9 year old):ride: :ride: Throw another log on the fire and daydream of the spring thaw, you will be riding soon, take care guys and stay warm.:ride:

Oh, that video has been on a couple of other threads, its about a year or so old. Thumpmeister, as the saying goes, I'd rather be Cummin than powerstroking to the duramax. or Dodge makes it Cummins shakes it!

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