03 yz 450 busted engine case i need one!!

ok, i run a smll repair shop and a dude brought me a really clean 03 450 in to look at. said it was leaking oil bad, well it has a big ole crack in the right main case, dude was pissed and said the heck with it and i bought it for 800.00. thought i could part it out on ebay if nothing else, but now im gonna try to fix it as it is in a-1 shape. new cases at yammy are 475.00 not bad , but i hate to tear whole motor down. anyone have a good running engine for sale?

Buy the cases and fix it.

There are a set of cases on Ebay off an 04' YZ450 that will fit your 03'. Check it out and good luck, you got that thing for a steal if that is all that is wrong with it.

I found a yz250 in the same situation however couldnt find a set of cases and you have to have a matching set to get it right.

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