decompression lever choices

well i want a different decompression lever the one i have now hits my light switch i would like a thumb control instead anyone changes they lever to something else ideas or and pic's would be great

thank you

I have a Works Connection Pro-Perch clutch/decomp lever combo on my XR600. Works great and freed up alot of room on the bars. It also has the EZ clutch cable adjuster which makes adjusting the clutch on the go a breeze.

hey jeff

can you use the stock lever with the perch the reason i ask is because i want to use the levers i have on the bike now

thank you


Well it has a needle bearing pivot so I don't think it would bolt right up but you may be able to make yours work with some machining.

Hey Jeff what kind of bars are you running. I run Renthal twinwalls and the decomp cable is not long enough to run the stock decomp lever. I tried a ASV lever with a hot start but the decomp cable was to long for that. I have a 98 XR 600. Thanks

I use CR-Hi Protapers and it is plenty long enough with room to spare. Are you sure its routed correctly?

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